Founded in Brisbane, Australia, by current CEO and Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey John Davies, The Violin Channel began in 2009. 

Originally a Facebook fan-page, things changed when Davies decided to create a YouTube channel — faced with the prompt of naming the channel: “The ______ Channel”, “Violin” seemed fitting, and thus, The Violin Channel was born.

12 years later, The Violin Channel is now a leading classical music news, media, and streaming platform, with 17 employees all over the world and a combined reach of more than 2,000,000 across all channels.

The Violin Channel covers international classical music news, beyond just the violin and strings, to include masterclasses, competitions, interviews, educational resources, events, and concert live streams, with a heavy focus on the promotion of highly promising young string soloists and ensembles.




The Violin Channel was founded on nine principles, which we continue to work towards this day: 

  • To always keep classical music culturally relevant

  • Make classical music, news and content freely accessible to ensure people never stop talking about it

  • Utilizing technology to make classical music relatable as possible

  • To present classical music in its most appealing form but without artistic compromise 

  • Act as an educator to audiences of all knowledge levels so to help facilitate even greater appreciation 

  • Normalizing diversity and inclusion in our field

  • Fostering the development of new generations of talent




Geoffrey John Davies | Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief | [email protected]

Julia Furlan | Editorial Manager | [email protected]

Bryan Page | Digital Media Manager | [email protected]

Sara Salomon | Partnership Manager - North America & Europe | [email protected]

Michael Bensusan | Business Office | [email protected]




We adhere to a long legacy of 'no surprises' journalism. That means performing the highest level of due diligence to assess the credibility of our sources, and providing an opportunity for full and fair comment for all parties involved in an article before it is published.