ARTS ENGINES | Aaron Dworkin – With Mellon Foundation President Elizabeth Alexander

Social entrepreneur, author and artist, Aaron Dworkin has this week released a new episode of his arts video series


Produced in partnership with the Detroit Public Television, Ovation TV, American Public Media and The Violin Channel, each episode highlights the perspectives of the thought leaders and game-changers who are creating significant impact in the field of the arts.

In this episode, Aaron sits down with Elizabeth Alexander, President of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to discuss her thoughts on the intersection of social justice and the arts.

“How is it that these people, brought involuntarily and denied their humanity, have created and invented the culture that has rocked the world for hundreds of years? Black music, Black dance, in different variations inventing the form of the slave narrative. What Black poetry has done over the course, especially of the last century… I think that there is a relationship between being denied humanity and voice with finding voice and self-expression,” Elizabeth said.



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