ASK THE PROS | Anne Akiko Meyers - 'Fourth Finger Swing' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member James Dong, from Sydney, was keen to know: 'How can I get better amplitude on my 4th finger vibrato?' VC threw...

ASK THE PROS | Conductor George Marriner Maull - '7 Things Presenters Can Do to Make Classical Music More Accessible' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Margaret Rothman from the United States was keen to know: “What are some things concert presenters can do today to make...

ASK THE PROS | Cellist Astrid Schween - 'The Transition from Music Student to Working Professional' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Peter Weber from Germany was keen to know: “What should one expect whilst transitioning from being a student to a working...

ASK THE PROS | Attacca Quartet’s Andrew Yee - ‘How Does the Rehearsal Process Change with Different Styles of Music?’ [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Mimi Lee from the United States was keen to know: “How does your rehearsal process change when dealing with different styles...

ASK THE PROS | Juilliard's Hsin-Yun Huang - 'Advantages and Considerations of Team Teaching' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member, Jeremy Fay from the United States was keen to know: “What are the advantages and considerations when teaching a student as...

ASK THE PROS | Violinist Axel Strauss - "Does Competition Success Propel a Soloist into a Career?" [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Vincent Brown from the United States was keen to know: “Does competition success propel a soloist into a career?” We threw Vincent’s...

ASK THE PROS | Violist Stephen Wyrczynski – “What Do You Look For In Undergraduate vs Graduate Students?” [ADVICE]

VC member Sofia Yatsyuk from Ukraine was keen to know what conservatory audition panelists look for in undergraduate vs graduate students for admissions. We threw Sofia's...

ASK THE PROS | Violinist Lina Bahn — 'Advice for Students Auditioning for Music Schools this Year' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Jason Wang from the United States was keen to know: “What advice would you give to students auditioning for music schools...



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