Wednesday, December 8, 2021

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | VC 'Artist' Ray Chen – 2009 Queen Elisabeth Comp 1st Prize [VIDEO]

Archival footage from the 2009 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition of the then 20 year old VC ‘Artist’ Ray Chen's 1st prize winning performance. Recorded...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Itzhak Perlman, Bach 'Gavotte', 13 Years Old - 1958 [VIDEO]

Incredible 1958 archival footage of the then 13 year old Itzhak Perlman performing the 'Gavotte En Roudeau' from Bach's Solo Partita No. 3 in...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Gil Shaham, 1991 – 20 Years Old, Sibelius Violin Concerto [VIDEO]

1991 archival footage of a then 20 year old Gil Shaham performing the 1st movement of Sibelius Violin Concerto – with conductor Adam Fischer...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Sarah Chang – Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, 1991, 11 Years Old [VIDEO]

Incredible 1992 archival footage of the then 11 year old Sarah Chang performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major – with conductor Charles Dutoit and...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Vadim Repin – Ysaye 'Ballade', Aged 15, 1986 [VIDEO]

Incredible 1986 archival footage of the then 15 year old Vadim Repin performing Ysaye's 3rd Solo Sonata 'Ballade' in D Minor - live in recital...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Maxim Vengerov, 1986 – 12 Years Old, 'Last Rose of Summer' [VIDEO]

Incredible 1986 live archival recording of a prodigious 12 year old Maxim Vengerov performing Ernst's 'The Last Rose of Summer' -  in the opening...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Ryu Goto, Paganini Violin Concerto, 1995 – Aged 7

Incredible 1995 archival footage of Japanese virtuoso Ryu Goto, aged just 7 at the time, performing the 3rd movement from Paganini's 1st Violin Concerto...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | VC 'Rising Star' Grace Clifford, 13 – 2012 Menuhin Competition

2012 archival footage of the then 13 year old VC 'Rising Star', Grace Clifford performing Saint-Saens' 'Havanaise' in the Junior Final of the Menuhin Competition,...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Dmitri Sitkovetsky, Beethoven Violin Concerto - 1997 [VIDEO]

1997 archival video footage of the then 42 year old Soviet Russian-born violin virtuoso Dmitri Sitkovetsky performing the 3rd movement from Beethoven's Violin Concerto...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Jascha Heifetz - 1952, LIFE Magazine

Captured in 1952 for LIFE magazine, Albanian-American photographer Gion Mili attached a light to Jascha Heifetz’s bow and had him play in a darkened...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Leila Josefowicz, 9 - 1987, Wieniawski, Scherzo Tarantella

Incredible 1987 archival footage of a then, 9 year old Leila Josefowicz, performing Wieniawki's 'Scherzo Tarantella' Leila Josefowicz | Wieniawski | Scherzo Tarantella | 1987...



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