Sunday, November 28, 2021

VC BUZZ | Meet Inspirational One-Handed Cellist, Michael Spencer

Inspirational footage of one-handed American cellist Michael Spencer – performing François-Joseph Gossec's 'Gavotte' at a private recital in Utah, USA last month. One-Handed Cellist | Michael...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | VC 'Artist' Charles Yang - 'Stand By Me' Violin/Vocal Encore! [VIDEO]

VC 'Artist' Charles Yang performing his own unique arrangement of Ben E. King's classic 'Stand by Me' for Violin and Vocals - as an...

MANIC MONDAY | Lara St John - 'Girl Sugarlumps' from 'Flight of the Conchords' [MUST SEE]

Canadian violin virtuoso Lara St John and friend Andrea Distefano performing 'Girl Sugarlumps' - as a tribute to Bret and Jermaine from New Zealand...

VC BUZZ | Marble Machine - Musical Instrument Using 2000 Marbles [WOWZA]

Introducing the Wintergartan Marble Machine … The hand-made music box, built by Swedish musician Martin Molin, powers a kick drum, bass, vibraphone and other instruments...

VC BUZZ | Seattle Symphony String Quartet Surprise Delayed Passengers [VIDEO]

Seattle Symphony musicians, violinists Mikhail Shmidt and Elisa Barston, violist Susan Gulkis Assadi and cellist Walter Gray, en route to Palm Springs make surprise...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Composer, David Ludwig - 'Pale Blue Dot' for String Quartet [VIDEO]

The Philadelphia-based Dover Quartet performing the world premiere performance of acclaimed American composer David Ludwig's 'Pale Blue Dot' for String Quartet. Commissioned by Caramoor - and recorded...

VC BUZZ | Arielle Baril – 'America's Got Talent' 11 Year Old Operatic Prodigy [VIDEO]

11 year old middle school student, operatic prodigy Arielle Baril performing Puccini's 'O mio babbino caro' during last Tuesday evening's auditions of 'America's Got...

VC BUZZ | Bach 'Prelude' No. 1 in C – Performed on Broomwhackers [VIDEO]

Bach's 'Prelude' No.1 in C Major performed on elementary classroom pentatonic boomwackers. BACH | PRELUDE NO. 1 IN C MAJOR (ARR. FOR 5 BROOMWHACKERS)

VC BUZZ | 3D Varius - World's First Stereolithographic 3D Printed Violin [MUST SEE]

Unveiled this week by French violinist and instrument maker Laurent Bernadac – meet the world's first fully playable 3D printed stereolithographic electric violin. LAURENT BERNADAC...

VC BUZZ | 3D-Printed Acoustic Violin From White Resin [VIDEO]

Introducing the world's first Formlabs' 3D-printed white-resin acoustic violin ... Constructed by engineer Brian Chan, the instrument is printed with StereoLithoGraphy printing technology. FORMLABS' 3D-PRINTED VIOLIN |...

VC BUZZ | How to Make an Origami Paper Violin [VIDEO]

Just what you've wanted to know, right? A new-to-youtube step by step instructional video on how to construct a Japanese paper origami violin. Knock yourself out! HOW...

VC BUZZ | SouthWest Airlines Inflight Cello & Beat-Boxing Air Steward Duet

Southwest Airlines beat-boxing flight attendant, Maximilian with cellist, passenger Francisco Vila – performing Bach's 'Bouree' from the Solo Cello Suite No. 3. Filmed mid-flight, earlier...

VC BUZZ | Bach, Double Violin Concerto - for Dancing Elephants [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when Eleanor Bartsch, a violinist performing with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum, in Wisconsin approaches the elephant enclosure. Not...

VC BUZZ | Wells Cunningham, Passacaglia, Impossible Duet

Wonderful creativity and skill by cellist Wells Cunningham performing Handel-Halvorsen's 'Passacaglia' duet for violin and cello ... with himself Wells Cunningham | Handel-Halvorsen | Passacaglia...

VC BUZZ | 8 Year Old Joyous String Quartet – Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' [VIDEO]

The Joyous String Quartet, comprising four uber-talented 8 year olds performing Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' - arranged for solo cello, 2 violins and bass. New...



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