VC BUZZ | Katy Perry 'Roar' Cover – Cellist, Kevin Fox & Tobby the Tiger [VIDEO]

Canadian cellist Kevin Fox performing a cover of Katy Perry's smash hit single 'Roar' - featuring guest artist, Tobby the Tiger. "I don't think there's anything...

VC BUZZ | Cellist Johannes Moser, Klengel 'Hymmus' for 12 Cellos – With Himself [VIDEO]

German-Canadian cellist Johannes Moser performing Klengel's 'Hymmus' for 12 Cellos – with himself. JOHANNES MOSER | JULIUS KLENGEL | HYMMUS FOR 12 CELLOS, OP. 57

VC BUZZ | Nicola Benedetti, Shostakovich Violin Concerto – Flying Bow [VIDEO]

Fly-on-the-wall concert hall youtube footage of Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti losing control of her bow during Friday's rehearsal of Shostakovich's Violin Concerto - with...

VC BUZZ | What happens when an entire orchestra eats the world's hottest chili?

In a video uploaded just Friday, each member of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra eats one of the world's hottest chili peppers before the...

VC BUZZ | SouthWest Airlines Inflight Cello & Beat-Boxing Air Steward Duet

Southwest Airlines beat-boxing flight attendant, Maximilian with cellist, passenger Francisco Vila – performing Bach's 'Bouree' from the Solo Cello Suite No. 3. Filmed mid-flight, earlier...

VC BUZZ | P*ssed Off Parrot Sinks Titanic [VIDEO]

Candid fly-on-the-wall footage, doing the viral rounds this week of a pet parrot attacking his violinist owner during a cage-by performance of Celine Dion's...

VC BUZZ | Air Canada, Musical Instrument Transportation Policy – Spoof LOLz [VIDEO]

In light of this week's social media furor surrounding Air Canada's controversial instrument transportation policy, Toronto's Opera Five have put together a little something...

VC BUZZ | Bach, Double Violin Concerto - for Dancing Elephants [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when Eleanor Bartsch, a violinist performing with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum, in Wisconsin approaches the elephant enclosure. Not...

VC BUZZ | Rival Violinists of the US National Youth Orchestra Settle the Score [VIDEO]

The rival violin sections of the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America, settle the score, once and for all - in...

VC BUZZ | Man Spins Human Hair into Playable Violin Strings [VIDEO]

Bored Lithuanians have discovered another use for human hair - music. In this rather bizarre experimental video, created to promote today’s Lithuanian Street Musicians’ Day,...

VC BUZZ | WT?!? Dvorak New World Twerking Gangnam Style #LOLz [VIDEO]

This really needs to be seen to be believed! A new project created by Belgian-based B-Classic, entitled: 'The Classical Comeback'. The first in a series of music...

VC BUZZ | WT?!?! Sibelius Horse Violin Concerto #LOLz [VIDEO]

In what appears to be the latest in a stream of young violin virtuosi turning their hands to comic relief, we present Czech Philharmonic...

VC BUZZ | Vivaldi Four Seasons Like You've Never Heard Before [VIDEO]

Meet the Salut Salon Quartet – an all-girl piano quartet, featuring violinists Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried, cellist Sonja Lena Schmid and pianist Anne-Monika...

VC BUZZ | Meet Inspirational One-Handed Cellist, Michael Spencer

Inspirational footage of one-handed American cellist Michael Spencer – performing François-Joseph Gossec's 'Gavotte' at a private recital in Utah, USA last month. One-Handed Cellist | Michael...

VC BUZZ | Wells Cunningham, Passacaglia, Impossible Duet

Wonderful creativity and skill by cellist Wells Cunningham performing Handel-Halvorsen's 'Passacaglia' duet for violin and cello ... with himself Wells Cunningham | Handel-Halvorsen | Passacaglia...



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