MANIC MONDAY | Violinist, Katica Illenyi - The 'Bolero' Twist [VIDEO]

Hungarian violinist, Katica Illenyi's 'Bolero' twist ... Recorded live with conductor Istvan Sillo - and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. KATICA ILLENYI | RAVEL | BOLERO | ISTVAN SILLO & GYOR...

MANIC MONDAY | Mendelssohn's String Octet (Arr. 8 Trumpet) [WHOA]

Peter Lawrence from the Hofer Symphoniker ... performing Mendelssohn's String Octet  in E-Flat Major ... arranged for 8 trumpeters ....

MANIC MONDAY | The Rite of Spring (Arr. Solo Violinist) [HUH]

Violinist Carlos Ocaña performing his own one-man arrangement of Stravinsky's 'Right of Spring' ....

MANIC MONDAY | Video Guide to Becoming a Classical Musician [LOL VIDEO]

Canada’s CBC Music presents a newly-released video guide to becoming a classical musician. “Step 4. Practice for the rest of your life …. Step 5....

MANIC MONDAY | Cellist Steven Isserlis - Mid-Performance String SNAP ... [WOAH]

British cellist Steven Isserlis' mid-performance string SNAP ... Recorded live at the 11th of December, 2017 - at the Milan Conservatory. "A string breaking during a recital I...

MANIC MONDAY | TwoSetViolin – Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto BACKWARDS … [WHAT]

Australian funsters TwoSet Violin performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major ... BACKWARDS!

MANIC MONDAY | Iskandar Widjaja Performs "Techno Syndrome" from Mortal Kombat

Combining martial arts, scenery, and costumes, Iskandar delivers a fresh arrangement from the 1992 video game franchise Mortal Kombat. ISKANDAR WIDJAJA | THE IMMORTALS FT....

MANIC MONDAY | VC Artist Sergey Malov - Paganini's 'Il Carnevale di Venezia' [WTF]

VC Artist Sergey Malov performing Paganini's Il Carnevale di Venezia ...

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Hilary Hahn Takes A Swim in Her Concert Gown [WHAT]

American violinist Hilary Hahn taking a post-concert swim this week in the Northern Lakes of Bergen, Norway ... in her concert gown ... "Always wanted...

MANIC MONDAY | 8 Year Old, Dylan - ‘The World’s Greatest Ear!’ [WTF]

8 year old wunderkind, Dylan undergoing the hardest musical aural ear training test of all time. Needs to be seen to be believed. DYLAN | AURAL...

MANIC MONDAY | TwoSet Violin & Hilary Hahn - Paganini Hula Hooping [WHAT]

Australian funsters TwoSet Violin performing Paganini’s 24th Solo Caprice hula hooping … with very special guest … Recorded live on the 30th November, 2018...

MANIC MONDAY | Classical Musical Mashup Featuring 70 Pieces by 70 Composers

Creator Grant Woolard uploaded a fourth Classical Music Mashup video to his YouTube channel. The mashup, which has already gained over 135k views, combines 70 different...

MANIC MONDAY | The 7-Tone Fart Symphony [CLICK AT OWN RISK]

Introducing Shonky Brothers' symphonic composer Loz's newest composition ... 'The 7 Tone Fart Symphony' - based on the dulcet tones of his own flatulence ....

MANIC MONDAY | Blondie's 'Call Me' in Violin Virtual Reality [WHOA]

Inspired by the science fiction film Ready Player One, violinist Margarita Krein presents Blondie's hit single, 'Call Me' ... in violin virtual reality ... MARGARITA KREIN...

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Performs 5,000ft Above Ground




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