MANIC MONDAY | Step-By-Step Guide for Building Itzhak Perlman from LEGO [WHAT]

YouTuber WowBrickArt’s step-by-step tutorial on building Itzhak Perlman from LEGO ... Also available for the Casals and Oistrakh Quartets, cellist Jacqueline du Pre and...

MANIC MONDAY | YouTube Sensation, Violinist Jenny Yun - "Russian Roulette" [CRAY]

Meet South Korean YouTube sensation, Jenny Yun and her newly-released energetic K-Pop violin cover of Red Velvet's 'Russian Roulette' ... VIOLINIST JENNY YUN  | RED VELVET...

MANIC MONDAY | The Melodica Men ... 'Star Wars' Medley (Arr. 3 Mouth Melodicas) [AWESOME]

YouTube sensations Joe Buono & Tristan Lane Clarke from The Melodica Men present a medley from the Star Wars saga films … arranged for three...

MANIC MONDAY | Fiddlerman - Violin Party Tricks For Fooling Your Friends [VIDEO]

Internet sensation Fiddlerman shares a few violin practical jokes -  for tricking your colleagues and orchestral stand partners ...      

MANIC MONDAY | Richardo - Violinist & World Glass Balance Champion [MUST SEE]

Glass balance world champion and violinist, Richardo from Sweden performing Offenbach's Can Can - with 10 wine glasses and a rubber balloon balanced on his...

MANIC MONDAY | Cellist, Sol Gabetta - Digitally-Projected Elgar [MUST SEE]

Argentine cellist, Sol Gabetta performing Elgar's Cello Concerto - like never seen before ... Produced by the BBC Proms, the new light tracking technology has turned the...

MANIC MONDAY | The 'Absolute Mind-Blowing' Pyro-Trombone [WTF]

Introducing the ‘Pyro-Trombone!’ ... “The public dislikes trombone concerts … we must therefore innovate and be absolutely mind blowing,” inventor, Valentin Guerin has said. PYRO-TROMBONE...

MANIC MONDAY | 5 Year Old Violinist – Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1 [MUST SEE]

Incredible 2001 archival footage of the then 5 year Anna JiEun Lee, from South Korea - performing Paganini's 1st Violin Concerto in D Major. Recorded...

MANIC MONDAY | Piano Comedy Legend Victor Borge, 1968 [OMG-ROFL]

Danish comedian, conductor and pianist Victor Borge doing what he did best .... Recorded live on the NBC Dean Martin Variety Show in 1968.

MANIC MONDAY | Heavy-Metal "Metallica" for Violin & Cello [ROCK-ON]

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine and cellist Mike Block performing Metallica's heavy-metal hit single 'One' - arranged for violin and cello. Recorded live on August 24th, 2014 -...

MANIC MONDAY | Pauline Lee ... The 10-Year-Old Hula-Hooping Violinist [WOOT]

Meet Pauline Lee ... the 10-year-old hula-hooping violinist ... Recorded live at the 2018 Heifetz International Music Institute, in Staunton, Virginia, USA.  

MANIC MONDAY | Sally Cooper - DJ Calvin Harris 'This is What You Came For' (Arr. Violin) [VIDEO]

Youtube sensation, Australian electric violinist Sally Cooper covering DJ Calvin Harris' 2016 club smash hit 'This is What You Came For' ... SALLY COOPER |...

MANIC MONDAY | TwoSet Violin - 'Wieniawski & Chopin Double Violin Concerto' [HUH]

Australian funsters TwoSet Violin give a musical tribute to Poland ... with a fun mash-up of Bach's Double Violin Concerto meets Wieniawski and Chopin ... Recorded...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | The Korean All-Double Bass Symphony Orchestra [WOW]

Meet the Korean All-Double Bass Symphony Orchestra performing Schubert's 'March Militaire' ... Recorded live at the Seoul Korea Arts Center on October 3rd, 2011 - with...

MANIC MONDAY | Bruch Violin Concerto ... The Ballet ... [WHAT]

The American Ballet Theatre ... present Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 ... the Ballet ... Premiered in 1987, in Costa Mesa, California, performance features principal...



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