MANIC MONDAY | Stravinsky 'Rite of Spring' - for Blow-Organ Melodicas [WTF]

The appropriately-named Melodica Men present Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' for blow-organ melodicas .... MELODICA MEN | STRAVINSKY | RITE OF SPRING 

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist, Katica Illenyi - The 'Bolero' Twist [VIDEO]

Hungarian violinist, Katica Illenyi's 'Bolero' twist ... Recorded live with conductor Istvan Sillo - and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. KATICA ILLENYI | RAVEL | BOLERO | ISTVAN SILLO & GYOR...

MANIC MONDAY | Cellist, Nicholas Yee - 'Star Wars' Medley for Solo Cello [MUST SEE]

Canadian cellist, Nicholas Yee performing his own original 10 minute 'Star Wars' Medley - arranged for Solo Cello .... Funeral Theme ... Imperial March ... Across...

MANIC MONDAY | Vivaldi 'Four Seasons' - Arr. Rockn Electric Guitar [VIDEO]

Latvian electric guitarist teen, Laura Lace performing a rockn' cover to 'Summer' from Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. LAURA LACE | VIVALDI | SUMMER FROM 'THE FOUR SEASONS'...

MANIC MONDAY | 9-Part A Cappella 'Pokemon GO' Battle Theme [MUST SEE]

  YouTuber, Smooth McGroove's new 9-part split-screen a cappella arrangement of Pokemon Go's ubiquitous 'Battle Theme' ....  

MANIC MONDAY | Cellist, Sol Gabetta - Digitally-Projected Elgar [MUST SEE]

Argentine cellist, Sol Gabetta performing Elgar's Cello Concerto - like never seen before ... Produced by the BBC Proms, the new light tracking technology has turned the...

MANIC MONDAY | The Beethoven Humanoid Robot Choir [VIDEO]

Meet the "Mirai Capsule" - a newly-formed choir of 14 humanoid robots performing Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Created by SoftBank Mobile and Aldebaran Robotics, the ensemble...

MANIC MONDAY | Star Wars Lightsaber Violin Bows [VIDEO]

The students of the École de l'Harmonie St Édouard and École secondaire de La Seigneurie, in Quebec performing John Williams' classic 'Star Wars' Theme -...

MANIC MONDAY | Steve Vai - Paganini Caprice #5 (Arr. Electric Guitar) [VIDEO]

Classic footage from the 1985 musical feature film 'Crossroads', featuring legendary electric guitarist Steve Vai - dueling it out over Paganini's 5th Violin Caprice. STEVE...

MANIC MONDAY | Video Guide to Becoming a Classical Musician [LOL VIDEO]

Canada’s CBC Music presents a newly-released video guide to becoming a classical musician. “Step 4. Practice for the rest of your life …. Step 5....

MANIC MONDAY | Piano CATcerto for Cat and Orchestra [WTF]

Introducing, Nora the Piano Cat … performing Lithuanian composer, Mindaugas Piecaitis’ CATcerto for Piano and Orchestra … NORA THE PIANO CAT | MINDAUGAS PIECAITIS...

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist, Laurie Anderson - ‘My Special New Song for Dogs!’ [VIDEO]

Legendary violinist, composer, artist and filmmaker, Laurie Anderson speaks to late night talk host, Stephen Colbert about her experimental new project - ‘Special Songs...

MANIC MONDAY | “Can’t Feel My Face” - By the Joyous String Quartet [CUTE]

The New-York based Joyous String Quartet, known as the 'youngest string quartet, ever!', performs their own new special rendition of The Weeknd’s pop hit single...

MANIC MONDAY | Uncontrollable Belly-Laughter Notated on a Stave? [WTF]

Ever wonder what uncontrollable belly-laughter looks like notated? A bored American saxophonist, Kathy Jensen and her bandmates found out. BELLY-LAUGHTER NOTATED | KATHY JENSEN |...

MANIC MONDAY | 10 Year Old Violinist’s Original Violin Concerto [MUST-SEE]

Prodigious 10 year old British violinist and composer, Alma Deutsche performing her own original Violin Concerto in G Major. Recorded live in August 2015 - with...



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