Sunday, November 28, 2021

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Damin Ren - 'Cantonese Capriccio No. 2' for Cello & Piano [VIDEO]

22 year old American cellist, Eunghee Cho performing Chinese composer, Damin Ren’s newly-premiered work ‘Cantonese Capriccio No. 2’ for Cello and Piano. Commissioned by the 2016 Schoenfeld International Cello...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Gerard Drozd - 'String Quartet No. 3, Op. 155' [VIDEO]

The Camerata Quartet performing Polish composer, Gerard Drozd’s newly-written four-movement 'String Quartet No.3, Op. 155'. Drozd has composed over 250 works - including 4 Concertos, 3 String Quartets...

NEW TO YOUTUBE | London Musicians' Emotional Response to EU Brexit Vote [VIDEO]

The night after the UK's EU Brexit referendum, a group of London-based musicians and singers spontaneously came together for an emotional outpouring of emotion in London's...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Kenji Sakai – 'Violin Concerto On the G String' [AUDIO]

VC 'Young Artist' Tatsuki Narita performing Japanese composer, Kenji Sakai’s ‘Violin Concerto On the G String’ for Solo Violin and Orchestra. The 19 minute concerto was composed...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Oscar Colomina i Bosch - 'Shpigl' for Solo Violin [VIDEO]

13 year old American violinist, Kevin Miura performing Spanish composer, Oscar Colomina i Bosch’s newly-premiered work ‘Shpigl’ for Solo Violin. "The work is based on Yehudi Menuhin’s idea...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Roxanna Panufnik - ‘Hora Bessarabia’ for Solo Violin [VIDEO]

19 year old American violinist, Ariel Horowitz performing Polish-British composer, Roxanna Panufnik’s newly-premiered work ‘Hora Bessarabia’ for Solo Violin. "For my piece, Hora Bessarabia, I have drawn...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Oleksandr Pushkarenko - 'Zeneise Gran Capriccio a la Paganini' [VIDEO]

Ukrainian violinist, Oleksandr Pushkarenko's own original virtuosic composition: "Zeneise Gran Capriccio a la Paganini' for Solo Violin. Composed in 2013 as an ode to his...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY| Lara St John & Matt Herskowitz - “Czardashian Rhapsody” [VIDEO]

Canadian violin virtuoso Lara St John, with acclaimed pianist Matt Herskowitz - performing an exciting new arrangement for violin and piano of “Czardashian Rhapsody”...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Lara St John & Matt Herskowitz – ‘Čoček’ for Violin & Piano [VIDEO]

Serbian-American composer Milica Paranosic’s ‘Čoček’ – composed and arranged for violin & piano. Recorded with violinist Lara St John and pianist Matt Herskowitz – as part of their...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Lara St John & Matt Herskowitz - ‘Hava Nagila’ [VIDEO]

Pianist Matt Herskowitz’s ‘Hava Nagila’ - composed and arranged for violin & piano. Recorded with violinist Lara St John - as part of the newly-released...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Junghoon Nam - ‘Tastes for the Arts’ for Solo Violin [VIDEO]

19 year old Chinese VC ‘Young Artist’ Zeyu Victor Li performing South Korean composer Junghoon Nam’s newly commissioned ‘Taste for the Arts’ for Solo...

NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Robert David Coleman '>Cut-up<' [VIDEO]

17 year old Japanese violinist, Ayana Tsuji performing British composer Robert David Coleman's newly-premiered work '>Cut-up< for Solo Violin’. Commissions by the Joseph Joachim International...



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