Cremona's Stauffer Center for Strings to Collaborate with Morgenland Festival Osnabrück

This year’s Morgenland Campus, which will take place from July 11-16, will be hosted in Cremona and has a focus on Arabian music

Festival tutor Michel Godard works with a student (Photo credit: Liudmila Jeremies)


Since 2016, the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück offers the Morgenland Campus, a week of masterclasses for young musicians,  in Germany.

In 2022, however, the festival is collaborating with the Stauffer Center for Strings, which will host this year's Campus in Cremona, Italy.

The focus will be on a range of non-Western musical styles, with tutors hailing from Tehran, Beirut, and Damascus as well as Paris, New York, and Cologne.

Additionally, the festival aims to foster an environment where interpersonal relationships between students are paramount. In service of this aim, there are regular discussion and jam sessions to enable students to learn from one another.

Participation in the festival is free, and up to 30 players can actively attend in-person, with an option for a further 30 to attend passively online.

"Joining forces with Morgenland Festival gives the Stauffer Center the possibility to open a new window on the world, by broadening the spectrum of its artistic and educational activities," said Paolo Petrocelli, the Director General of the Stauffer Center for Strings.

"With this special collaboration, we are going to promote multicultural and intergenerational dialog, while contributing to the growth of an open participatory and inclusive artistic and social vision," he added.

"It is a huge pleasure and honor to join forces with the Stauffer Center for Strings, Cremona," said Michael Dreyer, the Artistic Director of the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück.

"I am convinced that Morgenland Festival Osnabrueck and Stauffer Centre for Strings will offer unique experiences to young students and music lovers. Both Morgenland and Stauffer stand for opening the musical horizon, for musical excellence and music as an important factor in social life of our time. Let our two cities be home of musical bridges, of open-mindness, love and respect,” Dreyer concluded.

You can read more and apply to attend here.