London's BBC Proms to Open at Full Capacity This Year

Despite easing restrictions, COVID-19 checks are required of all audience members so that the event at the Royal Albert Hall can go ahead safely without social distancing

(Photo credit: Sanjeet Riat/BBC)


Just earlier this month, the BBC Proms was planned to go ahead socially distanced with a capacity of 1000 people per concert. However, following the "Freedom Day" announcement on July 19, almost all pandemic restrictions were lifted. 

Concertgoers will need proof of their COVID status upon arriving at the venue, with those over 18 expected to present either a negative test result, taken within 48 hours of the performance; evidence of double vaccination; or proof of natural immunity based on a PCR test within 180 days of a performance.

Children will require a verbal confirmation from a parent or legal guardian that they haven’t received a positive COVID result. For safety, audiences are strongly encouraged to wear face masks. 

Previously uncertain, Promming tickets are now available on the day of each concert, continuing the tradition of audiences standing for the performances. 

Tickets are now available for concerts between July 30 and August 19. The second booking period opened on July 24 for concerts between August 20 and September 11, 2021.

"We are delighted that the BBC Proms 2021 will go ahead at full capacity," tweeted the Royal Albert Hall.

"We want people to take back their freedoms as they can today," said Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the lifted restrictions. "We want this country to enjoy the fruits of our massive efforts of our enormous vaccination campaign," he said. "But to do that we must remain cautious and we must continue to get vaccinated."

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