MANIC MONDAY | Rain Can't Stop This "Flight of the Bumblebee"

"Has it really come to this?" reads a Facebook post where trombonist Martyn Stroud performs an impressive rendition of the piece on a watering can


Apparently, watering cans aren't only good for yard plants on a hot summer day.

Trombonist and Wight Music Tuition brass tutor Martyn Stroud used his bright green watering can as an instrument — and he used it to play the fast and difficult Rimsky-Korsakov piece "Flight of the Bumblebee."

In a video shared on his Facebook account, Stroud — wearing a yellow and black striped shirt — sits outside among flowers, grass, and a bumblebee garden decoration.

"This is not an art form. It's not even really accurate, but it is good fun," he said in the video before beginning an astoundingly accurate take of the piece. "Cue the music!"

To make the notes sound, Stroud attached a brass mouthpiece to the spout of the watering can. He played along to an accompanying orchestral track.

Stroud previously told Newsweek that the performance is an excerpt of a longer video encouraging young musicians to "use a bit of creativity and have fun when they practice," choosing the piece partly because of its "quirkiness" when it comes to brass playing.