MANIC MONDAY | The Shirtless Violinist – Themes From ‘Mary Poppins’ [WHAT]

Youtube phenom, The Shirtless Violinist and pianist Johnny Walsh performing the themes from the 'Mary Poppins' soundtrack

The Shirtless Violinist Mary Poppins Cover

Youtube phenom, Matthew Olshefski (aka The Shirtless Violinist) and pianist Johnny Walsh performing the themes from the Mary Poppins soundtrack.

“The songs from the classic 60s musical are some of the best and most beloved movie musicals tunes … when Disney recently rebooted the character for Mary Poppins Returns, I was inspired to relive these original melodies once again … ” the Shirtless Violinist has said.

“I asked Johnny Walsh, everyone's favorite hunky pianist, to join me on piano … with a touch of magic … and a spoonful of sugar … I hope this video brings a smile to your face,” he has said.