MANIC MONDAY | This Dog Seriously Hates Mahler 5

"If I play Mahler's 5th symphony excerpt he has a fit, maybe better described as a full-blown meltdown," owner and trumpeter Tim Saeger said


Buddy, a seven-year-old Vizsla, can't stand it when his owner and trumpet player plays an excerpt of Mahler's Fifth Symphony.

This special dog's owner is Tim Saeger, a member of the San Diego Local 325 Musicians’ Association working as a freelance trumpeter across various genres and a teacher with a large private studio. Earlier this summer, Saeger uploaded a viral video of Buddy's reaction to him playing Mahler 5.

"Buddy generally has no problem with me practicing," Saeger told The Violin Channel, adding that he can play various pitches, dynamics, and styles with no issue.

Saeger explained that the repetitive pattern of four C-sharps in a row in the excerpt of Mahler's Fifth is what bothers Buddy. "As in the video, he totally unleashes and is completely inconsolable. I don't play this excerpt anymore because it obviously causes him distress in some way. What is interesting is that I am sure it is not the trumpet because I can whisper the music to him and he reacts the same way. It is a mystery to us..."

The video, as posted on Saeger's Facebook page, has garnered nearly 300,000 views.