Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Offers 25% Refund Initiative

In collaboration with the Australian government, the program aims to get the public to support the struggling entertainment sector



Australia's Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) is participating in a new rebate scheme being run by the state government of Victoria. The scheme offers concertgoers a rebate of 25% on the price of their ticket (provided that the ticket originally cost $40 or more), with possible total savings of up to $125.

In order to claim the rebate, all concertgoers need to do is upload their MSO email receipt and contact information, bank details, date of purchase, and total bill amount to the portal on the Victorian Entertainment Program's website.

As well as offering rebates on tickets for various types of entertainment, the Victorian state government's
Dining and Entertainment Program is also offering 25% rebates at restaurants, cafes, and bars, so concertgoers can combine their concert with a meal or a drink out.

Upcoming MSO concerts include a performance of works by Arvo Pärt, Hildegard von Bingen, and Mary Finsterer titled "Metropolis: The Lost," a Barbra Streisand-themed concert titled "To Barbra With Love," and a program that pairs Verdi's The Four Seasons with Prokofiev's Symphony No. 5. You can read more about the MSO's season here.