OUT NOW | 2018 Azrieli Music Prize Winners' CD: 'New Jewish Music, Vol. 2' [LISTEN]

Analekta Records has announced the release of the 2018 Azrieli Music Prize Winners' album: 'New Jewish Music, Vol. 2'


Analekta Records has this month announced the release of the 2018 Azrieli Music Prize Winners' album: 'New Jewish Music, Vol. 2'.

Recorded with conductor Boris Brott and the Orchestre Classique de Montréal, harp and cello duo Couloir, soprano Sharon Azrieli and violinist Lara St. John, the disc features the world premiere recordings of composer Avner Dorman's 'Nigunim' Violin Concerto, composer Kelly-Marie Murphy's 'En el escuro es todo uno' Double Concerto for Harp and Cello - and composer Srul Irving Glick's 'Seven Tableaux' from the 'Song of Songs'.

''Nigunim was inspired by my curiosity about Jewish music from around the world ... we generally think of ‘Jewish’ music for violin as being specifically from Eastern Europe and I wanted to expand my own understanding of Jewish music to encapsulate a wide variety of traditions from around the world ...'' Avner Dorman has told The Violin Channel.

''I hope the range of expression I found during my research carries through in the piece ... I hope listeners are able to connect with the different characters and emotions in the piece," he has said.

''In order to apply for the Azrieli Music Prize, I had to propose a project that would be, at its core, influenced by Jewish music ... I was drawn to Sephardic music, specifically secular Ladino songs ..." Kelly-Marie Murphy has told The Violin Channel.

"I chose songs that spoke to the lives of women and mothers and used the melodies to create a 4 movement double-concerto for harp and cello ... I hope that listeners hear the melodies woven into a contemporary fabric and make their own connections to the wonderful music of the Sephardic Jews," she has said.


New Jewish Music, Vol. 2

Avner Dorman, Composer

Kelly-Marie Murphy, Composer

Srul Irving Glick, Composer

Label: Analekta Records

Release Date: October 4, 2019