OUT NOW | Larsen Strings Launches New "Il Cannone" Cello String Set

"This is not just an evolution, this is a revolution" cellist Jian Wang has said


Larsen Strings, in Denmark, announced this month the launch of the new “Il Cannone” Cello String Set.

Available in two variants, "Direct & Focused" and "Warm & Broad," all eight strings are mutually compatible and fully interchangeable by design.

"With our new 'Il Cannone' strings, we've gone a new way in cello string set design," Larsen Product Development Manager Thomas Zwieg told The Violin Channel.

"Contrary to the classic subdivision into soft, medium and strong tensions, this new set offers 8 single strings in one string family. We've tried to give players a toolbox of options to choose from so to optimize their individual sound," he said.

The core sound can be blended with any "Il Cannone" string combination because all of the options are of a similar moderate tension and engineered to complement one another.

Visit Larsen's website for more details.

The new set is available now at string stores internationally.