OUT NOW | Violinist Ezinma's New Single: 'Beethoven Pleads The Fifth'

The hip-hop infused classical track is an exhilarating and thumping reimagination of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony


DECCA Records has announced the release of American violinist Ezinma's new single: "Beethoven Pleads The Fifth".

''My inspiration for this single came from a choir sample I found. I heard these epic voices, immediately thought of Meek Mill and the sound of his records; sprinkled in some Beethoven and — BOOM!'' Exinma told The Violin Channel.

''For a lot of listeners this song is going to be outside of their comfort zone. I really hope people walk away from this single feeling inspired to explore new genres of music. If you are a classical listener—explore hip hop; if you love beats—explore classical.''


Beethoven Pleads The Fifth

Ezinma, violin

Label: Decca

Release Date: August 28, 2020