Swedish House Mafia Releases Symphonic Version of Club Classic 

In collaboration with Swedish composer Jacob Mühlrad, the house music group have reworked their first-ever single from over 10 years ago

(Image courtesy: Swedish House Mafia)


Swedish House Mafia comprises Swedish club DJs and producers Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello.

The group recently released a symphonic interpretation of their 2010 club classic “One (Your Name)” with composer Jacob Mühlrad. The original version from 2010 was an immediate hit, making the top ten on the UK singles chart.

“When we first created ‘One’ we created it like an orchestral [work], each sound and note played its own role and had its place in the piece,” Swedish House Mafia wrote on their social media. 

“Almost 3 years ago we started a conversation with Jacob Mühlrad to see how it would sound in his [orchestral] world,” they continued. “So with that said we are honored to work with such incredible talent on this powerful recomposition of ‘One’ as the ‘One Symphony.’”

Mühlrad’s works have premiered at Carnegie Hall and London’s National Portrait Gallery. He is also the youngest composer to have had works performed at The Royal Swedish Opera and the second Swede in history to have recorded with the Deutsche Grammophon label.


(Image courtesy: Jacob Mühlrad)


“When [Swedish House Mafia] called and asked me if I wanted to do a recomposition I felt very inspired and honored,” wrote Mühlrad on Instagram. 

“My starting point in writing ‘One Symphony’ was to use the beautiful simplicity of the main melody originally written as a downward scale movement within the interval of a 5th,” he explained. “The 5th is an interval that exists in all musical traditions in the world.”