The University of Toronto Names New Music Dean

Music scholar Ellie Hisama will begin a five–year term in July, 2021 as the Dean of the Faculty of Music


Hisama previously served on the faculty at Columbia University where she was awarded the Provost’s Faculty Mentoring Award and named a Provost Leadership Fellow.

A graduate of the University of Chicago and the City University of New York, she succeeds music theory and musicology professor Don McLean at the post.

"I’m very excited to lead U of T’s Faculty of Music, which enjoys a stellar international reputation," Hisama said. "I’m a firm believer in shared governance and of listening closely to many voices, and warmly welcome the opportunity to work together with all who make up the faculty, to share my research and ideas and to connect to the city."

"With the current intense focus on issues of equity, now is the time to press forward towards lasting change —  change that will positively affect those at the Faculty of Music, U of T, in Toronto and beyond.”