Violinist Joshua Bell Forms New Partnership with Violin Teaching Site

Entitled Trala, the website aims to make quality music education widely accessible — regardless of socioeconomic status, life stage, or career path



The Grammy-winning violinist has teamed up with Trala — an online music school that offers violin-focused music education in the form of affordable virtual private lessons, general music education, and other video content.

Bell is set to help shape Trala's curriculum and student experience, as well as record behind-the-scenes videos from his performance tours — where he will share advice with and help inspire Trala students.

"I have always had a keen interest in helping find ways to increase and enhance the opportunities for music education," Bell said in a release on Trala's website.

He expressed excitement that Trala can help reach children from families with socioeconomic challenges, but also the adult music lover who has always wanted to learn how to play the violin.

"I'm convinced now that the music education industry could be significantly strengthened if we served adults and people of all geographic backgrounds with the same resources we bring to schoolchildren," Bell said.

Founded in 2017, Trala has had over 400,000 downloads from violin students in more than 193 countries in all professions, from truck drivers to surgeons to grandparents.