NEW TO YOUTUBE | Queensland Symphony Records Work of Late Young Pianist

Members of the Queensland Symphony recorded the work of 12-year old Australian pianist Kyan Pennell, titled "Kyan's Piece," who passed away in an accident on January 31, 2022

(Photo credit: Kyan's family)


Scored for piano by Kyan and specially arranged with additional string parts by Craig Allister Young, the work was recorded for the first time by musicians of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Kyan was a self-taught pianist who only started learning the instrument seven months prior to his passing. With an immense passion for classical music, he poured his emotions out and found an outlet in composition. Kyan, unfortunately, got caught between a trailer and a gate at his family’s property in Tuchekoi, Australia, which led to his death.

Prior to volunteer musicians of the Queensland Symphony stepping in to record the work, Kyan's mother Amanda wrote in a Facebook post: "I never heard what he was composing. Is there anyone that can read music and play it and send it to us? It would mean the world to us to hear his composition." She added that Kyan was composing a piece that he had categorized as a "modern classical."

Amanda noted that her son aspired to be a concert pianist and had spent “every waking hour” on the piano he scraped and saved to buy. On speaking with 4BC radio, Amanda commented that the family was hoping the finished piece could offer “just a little insight” into Kyan’s mind. She also noted that her son was “so much more than the way he died”, and said she wanted people to remember him for who he was in his short 12 years — “full of life, with a beautiful mind”.

"He was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD and used that superpower to become an incredibly beautiful and unique human who just wanted to learn and excel at everything he could, about everything there was."

We offer our condolences to Kyan's family and friends.


Listen to Kyan's Piece here: