J & A BEARE’S VIOLIN STORIES | Violin Stories With … Violist Paul Cassidy [EPISODE 2]

In this the second episode of J & A Beares' 'The Violin Stories', Brodsky Quartet violist Paul Cassidy discusses his life in a quartet for 40 years


Leading international violin dealer J & A Beare, in London, has this week announced the launch of their new podcast series, ‘The Violin Stories’.

Presented by Managing Director, Simon Morris, the new wide ranging audio series is set to feature the stories of players, collectors, patrons and luthiers.

In this the second episode, Brodsky Quartet violist Paul Cassidy discussing what it's like to be part of a successful quartet for 40 years.


Future episodes are set to feature: Australian Chamber Orchestra Leader Richard Tognetti, conductor Alan Gilbert – and New Zealand philanthropist Michael Hill.