Parisian Conservatory Drops Charges Against Cellist Jérôme Pernoo

Although the allegations of sexual misconduct have been dismissed, Pernoo will not be allowed to teach at the conservatory during the 2021-22 year

(Photo credit: JB Millot)


Jérôme Pernoo was originally suspended from the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMDP) following accusations of sexual misconduct towards male students.

He was reinstated in July 2021, following the expiration of this suspension, with talks that the matter would be revisited in September. 

Although the school has now renounced the charges of serious misconduct, Pernoo will be excluded from his teaching position for one year, as of September 9, 2021. 

“Following reports from students, then an internal investigation, the CNSMDP noted that Jérôme Pernoo had failed to meet the exemplary requirements required by the conservatory as a higher education establishment," CNSMDP said in a statement. "It emerges from numerous testimonies that his teaching methods disrupt the smooth running of the Conservatory and hinder the exercise of the duty of protection owed to its students."

Pernoo's lawyers Hervé Témime and Chirine Heydari-Malayeri are denouncing the one-year suspension “on the basis of alleged educational grievances, unrelated to these accusations.” 

"He has not been charged with any of the criminal offenses mentioned by the press, despite an investigation carried out exclusively against him, in direct violation of the cardinal principles of due process, objectivity, impartiality, prudence and confidentiality," the statement continued.

They further state that Pernoo “firmly refutes these complaints and will challenge this decision by introducing hierarchical and administrative appeals.”