VC LIVE | 2021 Sphinx Competition Semi-Final Round

Hosted annually, the competition is open to American Black and Latino classical string soloists


We’re coming to you from Detroit for the semi-final round of the 2021 Sphinx Organization Competition.

The 2021 Senior first prize winner will receive US $50,000 plus a number of prestigious solo engagements.

The senior devision competitors include, violinists: Paul Aguilar, Maïthéna Girault and Samuel Abraham Vargas Teixeira, violist Mikel Rollet, cellists Quenton Xavier Blache and Luiz Fernando Venturelli and bassists Andres Vela, Christian Gray, and Kebra-Seyoun Charles.



The junior division competitors include, violinists: Amaryn Olmeda, Gabriella Foster, Ian Barnett, Isabela Diaz, Jonathan Oskseniuk and Kearston Gonzales, violist Dillon P. Scott, and cellists Brandon Leonard and George T.A. Wolfe-McGuire.



The Final round will be streamed live on The Violin Channel from 7:00 PM (EST) on Saturday January 30th, 2021. You won't miss a beat.