OUT NOW | 'CelloMind' - New Pedagogical Method Book for Cellists [LEARN]



Ovation Press has this week announced the release of cellists Professor Hans Jørgen Jensen and Dr Minna Rose Chung's new cello method book: 'CelloMind'.

The two-part pedagogical method book and online demonstrative videos, have been created for cellists of all ages and skill levels - with a specific focus on enhancing intonation and left-hand cello technique.

A student of Leonard Rose, Channing Robbins and Pierre Fournier, Hans Jørgen Jensen currently serves a distinguished professorship at Northwestern University Bienen School of Music, his students having won first prizes in numerous national and international competitions - as well as having won places of major US orchestras and leading music schools.

Dr Minna Rose Chung currently serves a cello professorship at the University of Manitoba Desautels Faculty of Music.

"The book is in two parts ... one, intonation, and two, left hand cello technique ..." Professor Jensen has told The Violin Channel.

"Over the years I was often very frustrated in my teaching that I did not have a system where I could teach students a method about intonation that would have a lasting influence on them ... " he has said.

"I kept searching for better ways and with the help of a number of students created a system where understanding the theories about intonation and applying that to practical application really gave them tools that now can last a lifetime."

“It is the clearest and most comprehensive discussion of the subject I have seen, and an important contribution to string pedagogy," New England Conservatory cello pedagogue Paul Katz has stated. 

'CelloMind' is available now at: www.cellomind.com