OUT NOW | Violinist Brieuc Vourch's New CD: "Richard Strauss, César Franck Violin Sonatas"

Released on FARAO classics, the album features the French violinist with pianist Guillaume Vincent



The album features two sonatas composed for violin and piano: Richard Strauss' E-flat major, Op. 18, and César Franck's in A major.

Born in 1995 in Paris, Vourch entered the Juilliard School when he was 13 studying under Itzhak Perlman. He later studied with Boris Kuschnir in Vienna and Daniel Gaede in Nuremberg. Other mentors included Thomas Brandis, Milan Šetena, Frank-Peter Zimmermann, and Leonidas Kavakos.

His collaborations include those with the Philharmonische Orchester Heidelberg, Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, Frans Helmerson, Nobuko Imai, Mihaela Martin, Tanja Tetzlaff, and Mojca Erdmann.

Currently based in Hamburg, Germany, Vourch plays on a 1690 Francesco Ruggeri violin.

“Guillaume and I worked day and night on both pieces and tried to do justice to every phrase, to give it contour and depth,” said Vourch. “During this radical quest for authenticity, we went to our utmost limits and beyond to comprehend these scores as profoundly as possible, to extract the composers' substance, in order to penetrate the endless musical universe of Strauss and Franck.

“This is because we know that we have to make ‘a strong statement’ amid the ocean of legendary recordings,” Vourch added. “We believe that we have achieved this and hope our listeners can feel and hear it.”

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