MANIC MONDAY | Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (Arr. Euphonium & Brass Band) [WHAT]

American euphoniumist Joel Collier performing the 3rd movement from Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto ... arranged for solo euphonium and brass band ... JOEL COLLIER & BRASS ENSEMBLE...

MANIC MONDAY | The 7-Tone Fart Symphony [CLICK AT OWN RISK]

Introducing Shonky Brothers' symphonic composer Loz's newest composition ... 'The 7 Tone Fart Symphony' - based on the dulcet tones of his own flatulence ....

MANIC MONDAY | WT?!?! Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto – For Heifetz & Goat [VIDEO]

Introducing Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto ... as performed by Maestro Jascha Heifetz and goat ... !?!?  

MANIC MONDAY | Meet Matthew Olshefski ... 'The Shirtless Violinist' [WTF]

Meet Matthew Olshefski  ... a.k.a 'The Shirtless Violinist' performing a violin cover of Major Lazer, Justin Bieber & MØ's pop hit 'Cold Water'. Filmed on-location...

MANIC MONDAY | Steve Vai - Paganini Caprice #5 (Arr. Electric Guitar) [VIDEO]

Classic footage from the 1985 musical feature film 'Crossroads', featuring legendary electric guitarist Steve Vai - dueling it out over Paganini's 5th Violin Caprice. STEVE...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | The Double Bass Foot Juggler … [WHAT]

Meet Antipod Gayeva ... the double bass foot juggler ...

MANIC MONDAY | Star Wars Lightsaber Violin Bows [VIDEO]

The students of the École de l'Harmonie St Édouard and École secondaire de La Seigneurie, in Quebec performing John Williams' classic 'Star Wars' Theme -...

MANIC MONDAY | TwoSetViolin – Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto BACKWARDS … [WHAT]

Australian funsters TwoSet Violin performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major ... BACKWARDS!

MANIC MONDAY | Handel's 'The Hallelujah Chorus' ... for Handbell Choir [WOW]

The Colorado-based Forté Handbell Quartet performing Handel's ... 'Hallelujah Chorus' from 'The Messiah' ... arranged for a 4 percussionist handbell choir. Recorded live on October 6th,...

MANIC MONDAY | Cellist, Nicholas Yee - 'Star Wars' Medley for Solo Cello [MUST SEE]

Canadian cellist, Nicholas Yee performing his own original 10 minute 'Star Wars' Medley - arranged for Solo Cello .... Funeral Theme ... Imperial March ... Across...

MANIC MONDAY | Nielsen International Flute Competition's 'Surprise Visitor' [VIDEO]

Yukie Ota from Japan was busy performing Sancan's 'Sonatine' in the opening round of the 2014 Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition, when a surprise...

MANIC MONDAY | YouTuber Andrew Huang - ‘Air' on an Actual G String [WTF]

Um …. Youtube sensation Andrew Huang takes on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Air on the G String …. played entirely on ladies' underwear. We have no more...

MANIC MONDAY | ‘Goldberg Variations’ (Arr. 11 String Players & 9 Dancers) [WHAT]

The Scottish Ensemble and Swedish dance company, Andersson Dance performing an ambitious new interoperation of Bach’s Goldberg Variations - for 11 string players and 9...

MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Roman Kim - Pop-Rock-Medley for Solo Violin Virtuoso [VIDEO]

Kazakhstanian-born violin virtuoso Roman Kim performing an electrifying pop-rock-medley of Yes's 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' and Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' for Solo Violin ... ROMAN...

MANIC MONDAY | ThatViolaKid & Friends - 'Holiday Mash Up' [MERRY XMAS]

Juilliard's ThatViolaKid, Drew Alexander Forde and friends present: 'Holiday Mash Up'. Featuring cellists Nathan Chan and Ken Kubota and pianist Brandon Ilaw - performing Mariah Carey's...



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